Sustainable Design

Sustainable design is an important focus in my work because I'd like to see a healthy and beautiful environment, right now! and for many years to come. When I'm not busy with projects I like to get outside, ascend to the mountains, visit the ocean, explore creeks and streams, go bird-watching, and imagine what it might have been like if humans hadn't tarnished some of the most wondrous places on Earth. I've been visiting the High Sierras since as early as I can remember and would like to do my part to preserve the vision and legacy that John Muir left for us.

  • Where does a product go when it becomes obsolete? Can it be reused?
  • How can we be creative and resourceful with our material choices?
  • What's the impact on the environment and how does it affect future generations?
  • What do we really need vs. what does media/advertising make us believe we need?
  • How fast can ecosystems restore when allowed to return.
  • What's the Water usage???