Howdy, I'm David, a designer/educator/urban-farmer/spacemaker from Long Beach, CA.

"Systems are always evolving. Design is the process of visioning where to go and deciding on how to get there."

An intentional designer and urban farmer with a focus on projects that provoke an awareness for sustainability and creative thinking.

A few notable projects that he has worked on include:

Project Highlights

Key to the City of Long Beach


Leaf & Fin Aquaponics

(Urban Farm Systems & Edu.)

SpaceTime Collaborative

(Creative Collaboration Space)

Bird UP!

(Ecological Community Art)

Civic Center History Walk

(Historical Marker Design)

Caruso Caliper

(Specialized Research Device)


(Digital Fabrication Lab)

The Box of Boom

(Robotic Drum Machine)

News & Coverage

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